Thursday, October 25, 2007

40 Reasons to Have Kids

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I started this awhile back, got distracted with reading through our funny kiddie quotes collection on Studeo and just decided to get back to it...

You've probably seen Karen's and Ana's lists of "40 Reasons to Have Kids" (I think someone since turned it into a meme). I couldn't resist getting in on the fun (and you know how much I love lists!) with my own angle. These are real moments or memories that in some way symbolize for me the joy of being a mom - I know that a part of this for me is the freedom that kids offer in the way of making me comfortable being myself (what kid ever cares if your hair or makeup is done or your socks match?) and provide the freedom of being child-like. I guess I should go beyond that and say that they help remind me of how to look at the world in a fresh, non-jaded way. Which is a good thing!

1. Younger siblings learning from older siblings.

2. The laugh-out-loud comedic aspects of life with kids that you could never have come up with on your own.

3. Their beautiful, and sometimes hilarious, love for and encouragement of each other.

4. Listening to them confuse the English language in exquisitely delightful ways.

5. Once in awhile their confusion rubs off on their parents.

6. Christmas

7. Easter

8. First Communions

9. Baptisms

10. Toddlers trying to talk with their mouth full (especially while nursing!).

11. Theological (and practical) tidbits the little ones share with you during Mass.

12. Parades any time at all.

13. Reading aloud favorite books to them.

14. Having them start to read books aloud to their siblings and listening to them stop and giggle at the funny parts.

15. The enthusiasm and sense of wonder that kids bring to the world.

16. Having them read (and fall in love with) your favorite books.

17. Halloween costumes (though perhaps not the candy-monster after effects).

18. Costumes any time at all.

19. Silly family traditions - like the little song we sing when we cross a state line and holding our hands up when we drive through a tunnel.

20. Skipping through parking lots.

21. Singing in the car.

22. The famous Van Hecke bird show dash at the Wild Animal Park. (LOL)

23. Learning together, even when we sometimes present a bit of a distraction.

24. The joy of solving problems together, despite grief along the way.

25. Cooking with kids (or even letting kids cook).

26. The beginnings of philosophical discussions.

27. Giggles.

28. May crownings

29. The thrill of seeing them overcome tough obstacles.

30. Kids and animals are always an entertaining mix and sometimes very touching too.

31. The wonderful smell of chrism that lingers in a baby's hair for many days after they are baptized.

32. Toothless grins.

33. Sharing sweets with your kids - it divides the calories and is a LOT more fun than eating sweets alone.

34. Newborn sweetness.

35. Sharing the joy of exciting accomplishments.

36. An incredible amount of comfort in times of sorrow.

37. Watching your kids fall in love with a brand new sibling.

38. Playing Mother Duck (I just noticed that I first reconnected with Nutmeg in the comments of this old post!)

39. The crazy things they do that make you suppress laughter even while remaining, ahem, stern on the outside.

40. Road trips to see family and friends - especially COUSINS!

Ah... I think Karen has the definitive list of other lists.


The Bookworm said...

I enjoyed those :).

Cmerie said...

I added this one to the growing side-bar list over at my place. Great list!

Stay At Home Mom at Work said...

I loved reading these! Thanks so much for a good chuckle tonight!