Saturday, May 26, 2007

May Crowning and More

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I've been too busy to do much blogging lately. (And I make no apologies for that!)

We had our last co-op of the year yesterday (and Margaret's last co-op before she goes off to Wyoming Catholic College in a few months) along with our annual May Crowning. This always brings tears to my eyes. Our musical mom plays the piano (we sang "Bring Flowers of the Fairest" and "Immaculate Mary") while everyone else processed around singing and carrying flowers (following the First Communicants from that year - we've never had more than one girl in this category - who wears her First Communion dress and gets to crown Mary). After Mary is crowned, everyone else places their flowers in the awaiting vases. I love the collections of flowers from everyone's yards - lots of lilacs and wildflowers.

It was a beautiful day for classes - which was good because there was a dead mouse in the basement (it stunk!) and the upstairs was fairly dirty, so most of the classes were scattered around the yard.

After co-op many of the teens stayed for some pizza while waiting for our last Latin Club meeting of the year which was held at our house a few hours later. The beautiful day was also beneficial here because the team skits (always a big part of the meetings) were held out-of-doors which seemed quite idyllic. (Look for some photos on the group website in the near future).

I've finished the 3rd chapter of Jesus of Nazareth, but won't get to blog on it until after I get some Love2learn Moments recorded this afternoon.

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