Monday, July 31, 2006

Blog the .... Toad

We named him Blog
We named him Blog,
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I discovered a toad in the yard the other day (a tribute to all the rain we've been getting lately as we're almost a block from the nearest river) and the kids took a great liking to him. Gus captured him from the vicinity of the lawn mower (I'm so glad I saw him hopping around) and brought him to Terri's garden (which we promptly flooded for his enjoyment).

He stayed there all night and was "invited" to swim in the kiddie pool the next day. He absolutely loved this and we were completely captivated by his athletic prowess. We found a nice little log (complete with tasty bugs) to float in the kiddie pool and he was in froggie heaven.

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The 7s said...

Great post, Alicia. But then again, any happy story involving an animal makes me feel good. :-)