Monday, July 16, 2007


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My kids have a lot of cousins. Unfortunately we often go a number of years between visits with some of them because they're spread throughout a number of states. Here's the breakdown:

California: 9
Oklahoma: 15
Minnesota: 3
Wisconsin: 10

So you can understand why, when my nephew called from Springfield, Illinois, on Friday to announce his engagement (he's one of the OK cousins) and mentioned that his whole family was there, we all hopped in a car early the next morning and drove 5 hours (each way) to spend 24 hours with them.

We did manage to surprise most of the cousins, the lovely bride-to-be (I first met her on my visit to TAC earlier this year) and her siblings.

And what a joy to celebrate M's engagement with my brother's family and M's future-in-laws. M, by the way, is marrying into another Catholic homeschool family and I enjoyed chatting with the bride-to-be's mom (and my sister-in-law too - who I hadn't seen in three years!). It was fun to discover that we both read Susan Schaeffer Macaulay's For the Children's Sake when our oldest was two and that she's a Heart and Mind subscriber.

A funny thing happened on the way home. I mentioned that it was funny that we had just driven this way the previous day. The kids didn't simply agree - they gasped! They couldn't believe it had really been that short - we do pack a lot into *some* of our days. :)

(By the way, I just realized that this is my 1000th post).


Matilda said...

How exciting! I am a big fan of cousins... especially when they are also Catholic and homeschooled! My kids get to see some of their cousins regularly, but we also have a big constituency far away that we see every few years. : (

Alice Gunther said...

My children are blessed with many cousins too! It is always a joy to be together.

Congratulations for 1000 posts!!!! Studeo is a gift to all of us!

Margaret Mary Myers said...

Congratulations on reaching a thousand posts. And thank you for all the sharing you do.