Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Chesterton Conference

As I mentioned briefly in previous posts, the Chesterton Conference was wonderful. We stayed with friends off-campus, but Ria was able to stay on campus with our friends the Dalys and thus participate more fully in this joy-and-laughter-filled conference. One of the highlights, surely, was meeting Dr. Thursday, though I can't fail to mention (again) Ria's recitation. I was very moved by the recitation of course (by the way, she decided to go for a bit of a medieval look as seen in the photo), but must admit that I was worried about the length. The amazing standing ovation quelled my fears. Such an enthusiastic bunch and SO supportive of young people interested in Chesterton. I am extremely grateful!
More photos here


Alice Gunther said...

How wonderful!

Ria is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

For me, one of the highlights was meeting the Studeo aka Love-to-Learn gang... but hearing Ria recite BWH was impressive!

At a past conference, we were amazed to hear one of the seminarians do "Lepanto" from memory, with a touch or two of impersonations (e.g. a turban). It would not be proper to compare these performances, except in this way: both demonstrated the sheer power of GKC, both in the use of words (the subcreation of literature) and also to touch heart and mind with those words.

Nancy pointed out that critical verse about the "iron cope" - how strangely prophetic of the Blitz that would be - but how much more it is of the intellectual darkness of the modern philosophers. We are still called as Alfred was, and as Don John was - that was always GKC's point, and JRRT - even the little hobbits now have their own adventure to aid in the battle "between light and darkness" and must choose their side. So of course this is emotional, beyond the effect of this lovely young woman quoting GKC at length from memory. The drums are beating, will we answer? Strange that in both cases the call was a Marian one... Then again, she is always the one to say "do whatever He tells you".

It could be put another way, paraphasing GKC's TMWWT:

"If we are indeed serious about our Chesterton, we must begin the revolution here at this conference..."

What a joy that Ria, and the Map Guy, and the other dear ones down to Munchie Man - were there to assist!

And so, to arms!

Dr. Thursday