Monday, October 17, 2005

Milwaukee Art Museum

Some new Renaissance dresses from Flights of Fancy and a local cheap-o store inspired a visit to the Milwaukee Art Museum yesterday. Our first visit ever to this museum was in August and that was a huge success. We printed out some pictures from the website and each child had a painting to search for (we also only had two hours - no time for anyone to get bored). Well, this time, three little girls wore their beautiful dresses - most appropriate to the occasion :) - but one REALLY wanted to be at the Milwaukee Public Museum instead. Nevertheless, the beauty of the paintings themselves started to interest her (she's 7) and she was all smiles by the end.

My 12 year old dd really enjoyed the Rembrandt and His Times exhibit. Lots of sketches of scenery. If you've ever spent time with a Nature Notebook, attempting to simplify the lines of animals, plants and other scenery into simple pencil drawings, you'd have to be impressed with all of these lovely landscape sketches. We're hoping to pick up a book ($45 at the Museum store - yikes!) so she can study the images further (our Renaissance ladies kept the pace pretty fast through this exhibit).

My 10 year old son got a hold of a magnifying glass (some were floating around the exhibit for general use) and he absolutely loved it. The paintings, especially, were impressive close-up.

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