Friday, September 14, 2007

Skype Tag

This happened last night. Only edited for length and to protect the kids' blogonyms...

[6:06:29 PM] johnvanhecke says: you there?

[6:08:33 PM] johnvanhecke says: I am in the airport in TPE.

[6:09:06 PM] johnvanhecke says: They just announced boarding for thelifght to Osaka. Maybe I will catch you there. I think it will be about 3 or 4 hours from now.

[6:09:15 PM] johnvanhecke says: I love you !!!!!!!!!!!!!


[9:25:58 PM] alivanmom says: Hi! I'm back finally. We got home about 15 minutes ago and I got your voice message.

[9:26:05 PM] alivanmom says: Hope to catch you soon.

[9:26:22 PM] alivanmom says: Why don't you ping me when you're in Japan. I'll come back and check on things in a little bit (the kids aren't all settled down yet).

[9:27:42 PM] alivanmom says: I love you!


[9:39:56 PM] johnvanhecke says: Hello

[9:39:59 PM] johnvanhecke says: In Osaka

[9:40:23 PM] johnvanhecke says: I am thinking you must be getting Frank to sleep based on the Skype logo.

[9:40:30 PM] johnvanhecke says: and the time :)


[9:49:49 PM] alivanmom says: Hi! I think I actually caught you! :)

[9:50:01 PM] alivanmom says: Frank's not asleep.

[9:50:09 PM] alivanmom says: I'm giving him 10 minutes to try to see if he'll get to sleep.

[9:50:26 PM] alivanmom says: If he's asleep I'll tell the girls a story, otherwise I'm supposed to let him come to sleep in our room.

[9:50:31 PM] alivanmom says: I"m tired.

[9:51:11 PM] alivanmom says: Are you still there?

[10:01:47 PM] alivanmom says: Sorry I missed you. I love you!


A funnier thing about Skyping across the continents happened a few days ago. My audio currently isn't working, so when John voice-Skyped me, he got to listen in on me and the kids and we got to read his responses. It was particularly funny when the kids started telling him knock-knock jokes (and watching their reactions was priceless!).

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