Sunday, September 16, 2007

Love2learn Moments #27 - Gratitude

Fr. Ronald Knox said: "If ever you have felt, in the contemplation of a sunset or any perfect work of nature or art ... in the thrill of good news or in the passion of first love, that it was really worthwhile being alive - then that moment was a revelation to you, if you had the heart to understand, of what you owe to the Almighty for having created you."

Gratitude is an important part of what we want to cultivate in our families and pass on to our children. We do this by remembering to thank each other, by sharing with those in need, by valuing people over things, by counting our blessings and by worshipping and being thankful to God - particularly at Holy Mass and in saying grace before we eat.

Fostering an environment of gratitude and appreciation within the family also tends to lead to peacefulness and contentment.

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