Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Little of What I'm Up To....

(and partly why the blog suffers these days)

An interview I did (with my sister!) on homeschooling, published in an Italian Catholic newspaper:

Il | HOMESCHOOLING/ Educating Across the Generations

An upcoming homeschool conference I'll speaking at in March, 2010:

Blessed Sacrament Homeschool Conference, Memphis, Tennessee

Besides that we're managing to do most of our Advent traditions that I wrote about a few years ago, though I haven't begun to do anything about Christmas cards yet. Last year, I managed to flop on the Christmas Cards right in the middle of the stack and I may just pick up where I left off then.

Last week was one of those weeks where everything converged all on top of each other - First Reconciliation for Kate, an amazing Vivaldi Concert with some families from our homeschool group, SAT IIs for Ria, the National Geographic Bee, Catechism discussion, a language workshop for the kids, dance, and several choir and Shakespeare practices. Now suddenly, with the all the snow and activities tapering off before Christmas, we're having a rather peaceful lull.

A Blessed Advent to you all!

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