Saturday, November 28, 2009

Marian Songs for Advent

Revised and updated (particularly with YouTube videos) from my original post in 2006.

It seems to me that it would be appropriate to emphasize Our Lady during Advent and hymns about her fiat and her pregnancy are most appropriate. (I did notice that "Castle of the Immaculate" has a post about a Marian theme for Advent). Here are a few of our favorite songs (still hope to find a few more resources to make these more accessible, I'll add them when/if I find them)...

Maria Walks Amid the Thorn

Lyrics and a midi file can be found here.

Beautiful listening:

The Angel Gabriel

Lyrics and a midi file can be found here.

This is the version Sting performed about 20 years ago which re-popularized the song. I like the music, but not so much the video:

A more traditional rendition:

Alma Redemptoris Mater
(Marian antiphon for Advent)

Click to enlarge the music to this chant:
Here's a decent way to learn the traditional chant:

Palestrina's gorgeous polyphonic version:

More about Marian antiphons here

You may find this article from First Things interesting and relevant.


Katherine said...

Do you have a link of sheet music for Maria Walks Amid the Thorn? I couldn't find it on the Trapp Family site.

Home School College Counselor said...

Beautiful music for Advent, thanks for sharing!