Thursday, December 10, 2009

One Lonely Apple

One Lonely Apple, originally uploaded by Chez VH.

A squirrel had just climbed down this branch to steal an apple right next to this one and shaking all of the snow off of it. It used to frustrate me that there are always some apples and pears that we can't quite reach. With this snowstorm noticed that they're eaten by squirrels and birds, so they don't go to waste.


Dawn Farias said...

Wow! I had to look closer but I did see it. Great picture.

Melanie B said...

Beautiful photo, Alicia.

MoiraElizabeth said...

Aunt Alicia, I think you need one of those circle-y things, cause I couldn't find it.

Love2Learn Mom said...


If you click through, you can see it bigger and you'll probably find it. It's pretty close to the middle of the photo.