Saturday, November 08, 2008

Late Fall and Late Costuming

Late Fall at Old World Wisconsin, originally uploaded by Chez VH.

Most of the deciduous trees are bare now, but a few still show a beautiful golden hue, especially when the sun hits them just so. The carpet of leaves under some of the trees have been positively magical this week and most of the week included gorgeous weather - into the 70s.

Now the colder weather has set in, probably for the long haul. There's a little sticky snow on the roof this morning. Yesterday, I was driving around helping some friends move and stopped by a Walmart on the way home. I try to avoid Walmart whenever possible because I don't like supporting them for various reasons, but their fabric section is the only place within reasonable reach for quick stops. It's such a Walmarty experience to walk innocently into a store in early November (even if it is snowing just a bit) and be startled by Christmas music and decor.

Anyway, my kids are performing in a play of Jane Austen's Emma next week and I needed to pick up an assortment of ribbon and various other materials. The combination of materials I was buying was really quite funny. Four yards of light blue tulle, two yards of deep red fleece, plenty of ribbon of entirely different sorts and a few odd trinkets of varying colors.

Ria is playing Harriet and needed some slightly floofy (I don't know how to spell that word and can't find it in a dictionary, but it's such a useful word that I just can't let it go) accouterments for her costume. Light blue ribbon and tulle seemed to be just the thing.

Gus is Mr. Wodehouse and was in need of a dressing-gown scarf (which should be easy to simply cut out of a big piece of fleece) and I'm hoping to make him a fancy sort of stocking cap. Red with a decorative ribbon trim and a little tassel on the end. I can't sew worth a lick on the sewing machine, but a little hand sewing should be okay.

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