Sunday, November 09, 2008

Studying St. Paul

I'm working on next week's catechism reading - First Corinthians. I'm using the Navarre Bible The Letters of St. Paul, which has some helpful commentary, overviews and background info. Here's a quote I particularly liked from the commentary:

The Fathers of the Church have drawn attention to this characteristic of Paul's letters - the way he manages to convey a deep doctrinal message in a familiar style, nicely suited to whomever he happens to be addressing: "A doctor", St. John Chrysostom explains, "does not treat the patient in the same way at the start of his illness as when he is recovering; nor does a teacher use the same method with children as with those who need more advanced tuition. That is how the Apostle acts: he writes as suites the needs and the times."


the booklady said...

It's an excellent quote and I love your blog too Love2LearnMom! I'm a former homeschooling mom. Kids have moved on; now I read for my own edification. Found you as a friend of a friend on goodreads. Does this make me a lurker here? :O I hope not! I like to think I'm a fellow lifelong learner...

God bless! booklady

Love2Learn Mom said...

Thanks booklady - it's nice to meet you!