Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Building a Culture of Life Series

This is the menu page for the whole Building a Culture of Life Series. With so many pieces floating around (and addendums that keep getting written inside my head - especially in the middle of the night), I figured I at least need to give it a little organization. I will probably be adding to old posts quite a bit as there seem to be additional points and clarifications worth making as I try to clarify this whole issue in my own mind.

To have Christian hope means to know about evil and yet to go to meet the future with confidence. The core of faith rests upon accepting being loved by God, and therefore to believe is to say Yes, not only to him, but to creation, to creatures, above all, to men, to try to see the image of God in each person and thereby to become a lover. That’s not easy, but the basic Yes, the conviction that God has created men, that he stands behind them, that they aren’t simply negative, gives love a reference point that enables it to ground hope on the basis of faith (Cardinal Ratzinger, Salt of the Earth).
1. Respond with Love

2. Support the Disabled

3. Rejoice in the Good

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4. Live What You Believe

5. Solidarity

6. Faith and Reason

7. Be Not Afraid!

8. "Replace Them"

Other Planned Sections:

9. Supporting NFP

10. Understanding and Talking About Contraception


Sidenote on the Culture of Life Series


Kathryn Judson said...

I've recently started, primarily as a place for pro-life ladies to meet and support each other via the blogroll. I also do link round-ups, generally several times a week. I've already posted today's round-up, but this post is in the queue for the next one. I don't blog on Sunday, so it will probably be Monday or Tuesday.

I took the liberty of adding your blog to the blogroll. I hope that's all right. Your readers can apply for the blogroll by leaving a comment asking to be added. Thanks!

Love2Learn Mom said...

Thank you - I very much appreciate it!

Kathryn Judson said...

You're in today's post.

I can see, now that I'm taking a second look at it, that I was rather unclear in my previous comment. Your readers can apply for the blogroll by leaving a comment over at Ladies for Life (not here), preferably on the Nov. 5 or Oct. 9 "apply for the blogroll" posts, but anywhere will do.

Also, I didn't mention that a blog or website doesn't need to address pro-life issues, it merely has to be hosted or co-hosted by a pro-life lady. Multiple blogs or websites by the same lady are also acceptable (within reason, of course).

Meredith said...

This is so lovely, thank you so much for all that you are sharing here!! Many blessings to a very sweet lady :)