Sunday, November 02, 2008

A Sidenote on the Culture of Life Series

I just wanted to mention a general point about this series, because I think it's worth clarifying. First, I don't feel I have much to contribute on this blog regarding the current election itself. My quietness on the blog for so many weeks (months?) was partly because I was simply getting bogged down in election news and opinions. I'm hoping for a particular outcome (which you don't really need to know, though I think it's rather obvious - particularly if you've been following my links section in the sidebar over the past few months), but praying that God's will be done.

The point of this series, as something that might be of value to others (and is certainly helpful to me in writing and clarifying my thoughts on it) is that as we pray for our country and the upcoming election, we would do well to reflect on and renew our commitment to being better witnesses to Life in our communities and in our country. Without ordinary people as witnesses, I think the political realm of the pro-Life movement has little chance of success anyway. And no matter who wins the election on Tuesday, there's a lot of work to be done in this regard - which is the sort of work available to families and busy homeschool moms with little ones and such.

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Kristen said...

Each and every one of your posts on this series has been crucial for me. Reminders of what really matters in this election, how I can help every day in my own small way, the importance of viewing others only through the eye of Faith, and so much more. I cannot thank you enough for bringing to light so clearly, without wasted words, what God wants of us.

This morning after mass, I noticed a car in the church parking lot with an Obama sticker on the rear window. I admit my gut reaction was disgust and disbelief, but then I remembered your words here and your quotes from the saints. My "feelings" were instantly dispelled, replaced by love and a quiet prayer.

Thank you again, Alicia. May His will be done!!