Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Seasoned Mommy

I don't know exactly when I crossed over the line to "seasoned mommy", but sometimes it's kind of nice to be there. The other day I went shopping at Target for some odds and ends needed to have everyone prepared for my nephew's upcoming wedding. I went shopping all by myself (a much appreciated luxury made possible with two babysitting aged kids). I made my way to the shoe aisle somewhat unprepared to pick up something for Frank. I vaguely heard a mom in the next aisle over, trying to get her little ones to behave. I whipped out my cell phone (which I don't usually have on me, because I usually forget to charge it, but that's another story) and was soon talking to Terri about finding a pair of Frank's shoes and telling me what size they were (and which pair they were, as I had a sense of how well they fit him).

While I was waiting for her to look, I heard this mom (with a somewhat frustrated, but friendly tone) say: "I am SO jealous of you right now!"). A few minutes later, she showed up at the corner with a smile and a repeat. We struck up a very pleasant conversation. She wanted more kids, but was feeling overwhelmed. I think she left reassured that it does get easier - I usually like to say that it's not mathematically more difficult with each child. The dynamics change, adjustments happen and there are many joys in having a range of kids from little munchkins to mid-teens.

Now, one funny thing about being a seasoned mommy is that when someone else needs reassurance, I'm often able to find the stories and thoughts that may be helpful to them, but I don't always remember them when I'm in a tight spot myself. Just goes to show how much we're meant to encourage each other. :)


Karen E. said...

"Just goes to show how much we're meant to encourage each other."

Oh, isn't that the truth! :-)

Dawn said...

Thank you for this post.