Thursday, July 12, 2007

Things that made me happy this week...

(a.k.a. Thankfulness Thursday)

Not in any particular order...

Meeting a good friend's sweet new baby.

Getting this comment on one of our photos from de Smet over on flickr...

I have wanted to visit De Smet for ages. This set is wonderful and much-appreciated. :)
Getting asked by a priest if I can help him learn to pronounce the Latin in the 1962 Missal for use after the Motu Proprio goes into effect on September 14.

Playing around with blog templates. (And, of course, chatting with Margaret on the phone.) ...especially since in so doing I figured out at least one thing to implement on my own site that I've been wanting to do. (Neither template is finished yet, by the way. You have to let these things stew for just a bit.) :)

Having a delightful discussion on Pope Benedict XVI's Jesus of Nazareth with our teen group (the pizza and cookies didn't hurt either!).

Getting to chat with Ria and Gus about our discussion on the drive home.

Vicariously experiencing my in-laws' month in Spain through their shared journals and photos. Working on drawing a big map of Spain with Gus to locate all the places they've been visiting.

Watching Miss Potter. It has one of the most charming proposal scenes I've ever seen on film.

Reading lovely posts like this and this and this on friends' blogs.

Discovering that some other mom-bloggers are also friends and admirers of Fr. Warren.

Bernie's (and Terri's!) lunch yesterday

Having steak for dinner, compliments of Aunt A. Yum!


Alice Gunther said...

I am thankful for YOU Alicia!

Posts like this one are so welcome and make me realize how many blessings we have.

Thank you!

(And thank you for the generous link as well! You really put me in good company there!)

Melissa Wiley said...

LOL, Alice—I was going to say the same thing! Thanks, Alicia—and what an uplifting post. :)

Ladybug Mommy Maria said...


I just got a card from Father Warren's funeral...

I'm going to post a pic of it on my blog and I'm trying to get to it...but we're leaving in like 30 minutes to go out of town for 8 days...

You'll really appreciate it, though.

You can see the wheels turning in his head in the pic!

God Bless you!

Love2Learn Mom said...

I can't wait to see it LMMaria! Hope you have a nice trip.

Alice and Lissa - thanks so much for your lovely comments! :)