Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Chesterton on Flexilibility and Freedom

What a marvelous quote...

A man's minor actions and arrangements ought to be free, flexible, creative; the things that should be unchangeable are his principles, his ideals. But with us the reverse is true; our views change constantly; but our lunch does not change. Now, I should like men to have strong and rooted conceptions, but as for their lunch, let them have it sometimes in the garden, sometimes in bed, sometimes on the roof, sometimes in the top of a tree. Let them argue from the same first principles, but let them do it in a bed, or a boat, or a balloon.

G.K. Chesterton, On Lying in Bed
Hat-tip Pipsqueak from the Common Room


Anonymous said...

If I ever come to visit, we shall have lunch in an unexpected place... We need to mention this for next year's conference, but then the whole conference will be in an unexpected place. Hee hee.

-- Dr. Thursday

Love2Learn Mom said...

I'll bet we could come up with a really unique place for that!

We have enjoyed sitting out on the roof, but haven't yet tried it with food. It's really the best place to be when it's 20 degrees and sunny out and we haven't managed to clear the deck of snow yet.