Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A couple of movies

Miss Potter is delightful! Just finished it early this morning - a really wonderful celebration of imagination and creativity. Elizabeth Foss has a whole rabbit trail going about Beatrix Potter here.

John and I took Frank to see Rataouille on Sunday. We were planning on going by ourselves at first (since I'll be taking all of the kids to see it when John goes to Taiwan next month) but Frank really wanted to go and we thought it would be easier for the babysitter if he went along with us. I promised John I'd take him out if he got noisy (since I'd have another chance to see the movie later). I didn't have to. He was glued from start to finish (the popcorn and root beer we were sharing didn't hurt). It was a very entertaining movie - lots of laugh-out-loud stuff. Sometimes the rats - especially in the food context - were just a bit much.

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