Friday, May 18, 2007

8 Random Facts Meme

Following the rules of the Random Eight Things Meme and tagged by Maureen at Trinity Prep School. I'll try to avoid previous bits of information in other similar memes (these things are starting to get harder!).

1. I've been on Willa's Catholic Classical Education list with Maureen since Andrea started it in 1998. (at least I'm pretty sure Maureen was there from the beginning!). I can't always keep up with it, though.

2. I've lived in three states (Washington, California and Wisconsin) at 13 different addresses.

3. I really like trains - and movies involving trains - and hope to a long trip cross-country on one some day.

4. Though we lived in the San Francisco Bay Area, my oldest brother was married during a YMI retreat in Chicago when I was 13. My husband and his sister were there from Wisconsin, but I didn't meet him until 5 years later at Thomas Aquinas College. Sometime during my first weeks at TAC, I mentioned the wedding at dinner in the commons. TWO people who happened to be sitting at my table were at the wedding (one, of course was John). Isn't that weird?!

5. There are certain tasks that seem to majorly hit my procrastination buttons. I can get my taxes out as soon as all the paperwork is here, but I'm always behind on "official" school paperwork for the kids (even though I leave a very thorough paper trail to polish up later) and I hate making dentist appointments and sending receipts in to our medical savinsg account.

6. I'm an office supplies and organizational tools freak afficionado.

7. It's my birthday today! I'm planning on heading off to the bookstore later for some cheesecake and to look for Pope Benedict XVI's new book. Probably drop by the used bookstore afterwards to replace completely destroyed copies of the Iliad and Brideshead Revisited and see if I can find a few Chesterton selections we don't yet own (despite having about a foot and a half of shelf space devoted to Chesterton - yes I just measured it), especially The Poet and the Lunatics.

8. I discovered a few days ago, that I have a very cute little "birthday twin" elsewhere in the blogosphere.

Please tag yourself if you're interested!


Maureen said...

Happy Birthday, Alicia!

You're right about #1....we were some of the original members. Hard to believe it was that long ago.

I have a college roommate from Chicago who is a Catholic homeschooler now. She met her husband at a WMI event in Chicago too! Hmmmm.

Nice getting to know more about you!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!! We have some things in common: one of my favorite stores (where I spent a happy half-hour yesterday) is Office Max, and I, too, love trains and train movies (I'm currently planning a family vacation for this summer that includes a partial trip on the Empire Builder; we'll have to talk about it sometime!)

Enjoy your day !!

arlawless said...

Happy Birthday, Alicia!!

Have a wonderful day and enjoy yourself at the bookstore!


Matilda said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day!

Mrs. Bear said...

Happy Birthday! :-)