Saturday, May 19, 2007

Birthday Bookstore Browsing and Garage Sale Hopping

I had a limited budget yesterday and Barnes and Noble was all sold out of Pope Benedict's Jesus of Nazareth, but things worked out quite nicely anyway. I hit one church rummage sale in the morning (my favorite kind - usually lots of goodies and very reasonable prices) which was very worthwhile even if it ate into the bookstore budget a tad.

I found a really nice little (only slightly dinged-up) buffet for our dining room for $25! We don't actually *eat* in our dining room - it's more of a computer room and study (with a fireplace), but it could use a little bit of beauty in the furniture department (even if we have to put our two printers on top of it!) and we could use some storage space for things like tablecloths (even if they are rather frequently used for costumes!).

The books at the rummage sale were rather scrumptious (and super-cheap) too. I picked up L.M. Montgomery's Emily books, several copies of Mere Christianity (for future teen discussions), Cafi Cohen's And What About College?, books on the Opera and Great Composers by Milton Cross and a few books about British Culture.

The used bookstore netted - I was pretty much looking for major bargains last night - there was lots of other good stuff there:

We're on a Mission from God by Mary Beth Bonacci
The Young People's Book of Saints by Hugh Ross Williamson
The Man Who Knew Too Much by G.K. Chesterton
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (not Tolkien's translation unfortunately)
Brideshead Revisited by Evelyn Waugh (I'm really ready for a re-read of this, but our old copy was simply unreadable)
The World's Great Catholic Literature edited by George N. Shuster (Roman Catholic Books)

It was fun running into a Catholic homeschool family we knew at the used bookstore and swapping notes and titles in the Religion section.

And from Barnes and Noble:

a slice of vanilla bean cheesecake
The Mislabeled Child by the Eides (this looks terrific so far and I'm very grateful to Willa for introducing me to their blog - very helpful and interesting!)

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