Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Our New Family Tree Wall

Our New Family Tree Wall
I've been dreaming of doing a photo-family-tree-wall for a number of years. When the kids were little, we made photo boards that we called cousin charts, so they would have some visual memory of the cousins who live far away and are easy to get confused about over time. Well, that same problem hasn't gotten any easier over the years, especially as those cousins have gotten married and had kids of their own!

I found a picture frame wall cling set at Target a year or so ago (bought three sets). Most of the frames were too big and there were more leaves than frames for my liking, but I finally just started cutting things up and using leaves to hold pictures and it seems to be working just fine. Also, it's a narrow hallway, so I like not having frames hanging on nails.

The whole thing still needs some work, but, I think, it includes everyone but the latest Van Hecke great-nephew who was born just last week. I put the Lawlesses (my side of the family) on one half of the wall and the Van Heckes on the other - my parents and my husband's parents all the way down to their great grandchildren.

Some day, I would also like to put historical family trees up somewhere. Family history is something I've long been fascinated by.

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