Thursday, April 23, 2015

Movie Music Fun

There's a lot of fun and interesting movie music out there, and we've collected some on iTunes over the years. Recently, I put a bunch more together for an upcoming road trip and thought it might be fun to share some of our favorites here. (We've also been enjoying playing "Name that Tune" with some of these songs, as well as some we were able to find on YouTube.) Oh, and I didn't shy away from a few television shows and operas too.

"Main Title" from The King and I
"Overture" from Lawrence of Arabia
"Jeeves and Wooster" (from the album The World of Jeeves and Wooster)
"Downton Abbey - The Suite" (The Chamber Orchestra of London)
"One Small Fact" from The Book Thief (by John Williams)
"Theme from Jurassic Park" (by John Williams)
"Hedwig's Theme" from Harry Potter (by John Williams)
"Still Dream" from Rise of the Guardians (with Renee Fleming)
"Calling the Guardians" from Rise of the Guardians
"Overture" (Prelude) from Carmen (Metropolitan Opera Orchestra and Leonard Bernstein)
"Special Order" from Ratatouille - Michael Giacchino
"Theme from the Magnificent Seven" by Elmer Bernstein
"Main Title" from The Great Escape by Elmer Bernstein

"Driving" from Driving Miss Daisy by Hans Zimmer

The Bridge on the River Kwai - "Colonel Bogey's March"

Ben-Hur - "Parade of the Charioteers"
"The Pink Panther"
"Somewhere in Time"
Raiders of the Lost Ark - "The Raiders' March"
"Le Festin" from Ratatouille
"Down to Earth" from Wall-E by Peter Gabriel
"He's a Pirate" from Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
"Captain America" by Alan Silvestri
"The Avengers" by Alan Silvestri
"Kingdom Dance" from Tangled by Alan Menken
"Band of Brothers Theme" by Michael Kamen
"Non Nobis, Domine" from Henry V by Patrick Doyle
"Now We Are Free" from Gladiator by Hans Zimmer and Lisa Gerrard
"The Hanging Tree" from Mockingjay by James Newton Howard
"Jessica's Theme" from The Man from Snowy River by Bruce Rowland
"Married Life" from UP! by Michael Giacchino
"Gabriel's Oboe" from The Mission by Ennio Morricone
"Test Drive" from How to Train Your Dragon by John Powell
"Main Title" from Singing in the Rain
"Who is She" from Cinderella by Patrick Doyle
"Bistro Fada" from Midnight in Paris by Stephane Wrembel
"My Father's Favorite" from Sense and Sensibility by Tony Hymas et al.
"Around the World, Pt. 1" from Around the World in 80 Days by Victor Young

Plus, I forgot some of our all time favorite albums of movie music:

Meet the Robinsons Soundtrack
Sleepless in Seattle Soundtrack
You've Got Mail Soundtrack
Disney/Pixar Greatest

It's funny how some of the songs bring back many memories besides just those of the movies themselves.

My parents like to affectionately refer to me and my six siblings as "The Magnificent Seven", so of course that soundtrack is our theme song. :)

Also, Golfredo Corradetti, my amazing high school music teacher at Kolbe Academy, had us watch part of Somewhere in Time during class one time because he liked the theme song, which I think is based on (or mostly composed of?) Rachmaninov's "Rhapsody on a Theme by Paganini: Variation No. 18".

And I just noticed that has a whole section on film music.

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