Monday, July 16, 2012

Title-Blending Meme Redux

For some reason this old title-blending meme came up in conversation today and I thought it was funny enough to repost five years later. Besides we have a few more to add...

To Kill a Mockingjay (Kate - accidental blending)
The Swiss Family Robinson Crusoe (Gus)
The Invisible Manalive (Me)

Here is the original post...

I got tagged by Nick over at Literary Compass to do his brand-new Title-Blending Meme (what fun!).

Here are the rules: Blend two book titles together by using the last word of one title and the first word of the second title. If you want, you can blend the authors' names too.

The first one is sort of cheating because it's one Ria "accidentally" made up when she was two or three years old (but honestly, I don't think I could come up with anything better myself):

Christopher Robin Hood

Here are mine:

The Evidential Power of Beauty and the Beast
The King of Ireland's Son of Charlemagne
String, Straightedge and Shadow of the Bear
In Defense of Philosophy for Dummies
The Dangerous Book for Boys and Girls of Colonial Days
The Boxcar Children of Hurin
The Man Who Knew Too Much Ado About Nothing
Here are some from Gus:

The Everlasting Man Who Was Thursday
The Babe Ruth Story of the Greeks
The Story of the First World War II for Kids (with help from Ria)
Centerburg Tales of the Greek Heroes
Blaze and the Mountain Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
I Am David and Goliath

If you're at all interested, please consider yourself tagged.

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