Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Old Route 66

DSC_4721, originally uploaded by Chez VH.

We saw a number of pieces of the Old Route 66 as quite a bit of our trip followed essentially the same path - especially from Barstow, California to Oklahoma City on our trip back.

On the way out we took the actual 66 between Seligman and Kingman, Arizona, which looks like a match to the map shown in the Cars movie. It's a windy segment, about 20 miles longer than the equivalent piece of the Interstate. Seligman has a lot of things reminiscent of Radiator Springs (and there were a number of murals of characters from Cars around town), while Peach Springs holds a similar place and commonality of name with Radiator Springs. Most of the route was empty, peaceful and lovely. We were easily able to picture driving through there in a time long past. Single-lane rambly highways - and a bunch of Burma-Shave signs to boot!

Seligman was a hopping little place, but it was sad to see, especially as we got farther from the Interstate, a number of ruins of broken dreams. Peach Springs, in particular was a contrast of lovely pink blossoming trees and quaint boarded up buildings.

I like this picture in particular because the blurry edges remind me of an old photograph.

We also passed bits of Route 66 on the way home, especially the segment leading to the South entrance of the Petrified Forest (Holbrook, Arizona), where we spotted a Wigwam Motel (which specifically inspired the Cozy Cone Motels in Cars).

Anyway, it was an interesting little side-trip that took only a little extra time (and took in some breathtaking scenery!) and gave us an interesting little glimpse of history and socio-economics.

You can view more of our Route 66 pictures on Flickr (there aren't a lot).

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