Monday, March 29, 2010

Articles and Talks - Master List

Talk Notes:

Christian Fearlessness: Putting on an Attitude of Hope (Memphis, 2010)

Choosing Materials that Will Work for Your Family (Milwaukee, 2009)

Live It! Restoring the Culture through Faith, Family Life and Education (Memphis, 2010)

Sanity, Simplicity, and Exploding the Myth of the Supermom (Memphis, 2010)

Notes from a number of older talks are incorporated into the Educational Theory section of Love2learn.

I'm still working on finishing the "Live It!" Notes and I have yet to add the "Sanity" notes from Memphis.


"Apologetics: Sacraments, Service and Study" - A Catholic Homeschool Companion, Sophia Institute Press (February 2006)

"Homeschooling: Educating Across the Generations"(interview) - Il Sussidiario (December 2009)

"Hope: An Act of the Will" - The Tail End Blog (November 2008)

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