Sunday, February 14, 2010

Homeschool Talks I'm Working On...

(Subject to change)

For the Memphis Conference...

The conference organizers were particularly looking for talks of a spiritual and practical nature that encourage families who are burnt out and perhaps help in keeping things in perspective and developing good attitudes about life, love and learning. 

1. Christian Fearlessness: Putting on an Attitude of Hope

Somewhat based on my article on hope from mater et magistra magazine but a little more personal.

2. Sanity-Savers (haven't found the right name for this one yet)

Somewhat based on this blog post, but with a more general age-range emphasis plus a related academic component.

3. An Environment of Love and Learning (not sure if this is the final title)

I'll be drawing from some of my work here on Studeo, the Educational Theory section at Love2learn and my Love2learn Moments, but on the whole it's a new project.

For the Kentucky Conference...

1. Choosing Worthwhile Materials

This is basically the one I did a webinar on for Homeschool Connections.

2. An Environment of Love and Learning

This one will be a repeat from the Memphis Conference.

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