Thursday, July 09, 2009

The Weird World of Facebook

My husband and I have been trying to re-learn the Landler - that Austrian Folk Dance made famous in the Sound of Music - which we danced for the first dance at our wedding. We decided to turn to YouTube to see if we could get a little help. We found one sample online that we particularly liked and I thought I'd throw it on my Facebook account because it was an easy place to save it so we could watch it again later and maybe share it with the teens in our homeschool group who were interested in learning it. So I posted it with a brief word of explanation:

"No, we don't know these people. Just interested in trying to remember the dance."

The joke was on me.

One of my Facebook friends alerted me to the fact that it is from the wedding of a college classmate. My only excuse for not picking up on it is that, not only was I not at the wedding, but the three friends of mine involved in the dance (the groom and two of his groomsmen) were wearing hats, which makes them a lot harder to pick out in the video.

Here's the video:


Theresa said...

Neat!And how funny about the connections. It's a small world, isn't it?

Dawn Farias said...

How funny is that??

J.C. said...

Funny story! Lovely reception dance, only, why are the men wearing hats indoors? Is it some Austrian custom?