Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Please Pray!

Dr. Thomas Dillon, the president of Thomas Aquinas College, was killed in a car accident this morning. Please pray for him and his family and the college community. He will be sadly missed!

At 3 pm Pacific Time today, students, alumni and friends will all be praying together. Please join us if you can.


Anonymous said...

I played B-ball many a time with him. He did a great work in his life. May God rest his soul.

Mike Venegas

helene said...

He will be so sorely missed. He was so good at what he did. I have been so sad about this today.

Willa said...

I was so sorry to hear this. My prayers are with his family and the students at the college.

nutmeg said...

I'm still in shock.

As one alumnus wrote:
Thank you, thank you, thank you Lord for Tom Dillon. Please take care of him.God bless his family...

Love2Learn Mom said...

Thank you all.

Mike Venegas - what a blast from the past! How are you? We were talking about you just last week. You may not remember this, but in my first week of school at TAC, I mentioned that my brother was married during a YMI Reunion/Retreat in Chicago. It turned out that three people at that particular table during that conversation happened to be at my brother's wedding - you, John Jude and my now husband John.

Funny world!

Anonymous said...


I do not recall the conversation, but I recall the wedding. It has been a long time, hasn't it? Please say hello to John. Take care and God bless.

Mike Venegas