Monday, April 06, 2009

April Shower of Photos: Caterpillars on Parade

In our usual haphazard fashion, I remembered on Saturday evening that we wanted to make catepillars on Palm Sunday for our little symbolic Holy Week tradition. So I picked up five dozen eggs at the grocery store (fortunately they were on sale!) and we had German pancakes and quiche yesterday AND Gus made a huge batch of lemon curd. Anyway, here are the results:On the side of organization, however, we just got a second fridge and it is happily installed in the basement. I already have Holy Thursday lamb and Easter ham stored in there (and for the first time *ever* was able to purchase more than three gallons of milk at a time!).

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Karen E. said...

Your caterpillars are so cute! And more generously cut than ours. :-)

Enjoy that new fridge!