Saturday, January 31, 2009

Latin Convention

Friends, originally uploaded by Chez VH.

Just got home from a very exciting Latin Convention. Our team of twelve homeschooled students from GMCHE (Greater Milwaukee Catholic Home Educators) were very competitive in a wide range of areas in the competition and came away with a 2nd place overall qualitative trophy. *

I love this picture of Ria giving a hug to one of her dear friends during Friday's events. Her friend's dad took the photo.

I am so proud of all their hard work and I can already see that this will motivate them to keep working hard - a motivation that is especially appreciated by these homeschooled students who are largely self-taught in Latin and related subject areas.

* Note: The convention awards two types of overall trophies to schools.

The first is a quantitative trophy which is simply the largest number of points. These are generally won by larger schools with lots of delegates. (Bigger schools send as many as 70 or more students to the convention). We were thrilled to learn that we actually placed 10th in quantitative.

The second is the qualitative trophy which is the number of total points divided by the number of students. It was in this that we took second place.


Theresa said...

Woo hoo! I'll take quality over quantity any day!Congrats!

Jennifer said...

Congratulations! I love that photo too - the cell phone, the cough, the hug, the smile - beautiful!

Kristen said...

Congratulations, Ria! What a tremendous accomplishment for all your hard work. I love the picture too! You're beautiful, dear girl.