Thursday, October 09, 2008

Vale of Tears

The Internet is a funny thing and it certainly has its ups and downs. At the same time that it's a beautiful thing to connect with others and share the burdens of sadness with others through prayer, it can also be overwhelming at the same time. We've been in a spell of many heart-breaking prayer requests lately and I finally decided to do something about it. I've been wanting to set up a prayer board of some sort for awhile with photographic reminders of those in need of prayer. I finally realized that the mirror we have hanging behind our statue of Our Lady of Fatima would be just the thing.

I printed out pictures for each of the prayer intentions (and hope to add a written list somewhere as well as we don't always have a picture).

Here are links to info about those included here (list in progress) so that you can keep them in your prayers too:

Marie Breda (who's really having a tough time right now - please keep her in your prayers, especially through the intercession of Blessed Teresa of Calcutta).

Tom Vander Woude and his family

My cousin Cyndie's daughter Sara

Elanor and the Olson Family

Bruno de Solenni (Bruno, the brother of a fellow TACer, was killed in Afghanistan a few weeks ago)


John Stromberg

Ana's Mother


And of course each of these stories (and more) bring to mind other families that are suffering. A somber reminder that this life isn't what it's all supposed to be about in the end.


Karen E. said...

How beautiful. Thank you for sharing it.

Maryan said...

Alicia, what a neat way to remember all the intentions... and thank you.

And thanks for passing on the links, so we can pray for all these intentions as well.