Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Marie Breda has died

Selfishly, we all wanted Marie to stay with us. But we must rejoice in knowing that our ultimate goal for Marie is met. It is a terrible thing to lose a young child, but in a strange way very peaceful. We know for sure that this pure spirit is with God. The rest of us are left to struggle and fall in this valley of tears, without that same guarantee. So for us as family and friends, we hope this will make us work a little harder to live good and holy lives, so that one day we can all be united.
Please continue to pray for her family.


Maureen said...

Praying for all. @--<--<--

arlawless said...

Hi, Alicia.

Thank you for informing me of Marie's condition. A local friend filled me in on the details. It's such a heartbreaking story.

I attended the Rosary and Mass of the Angels for Marie on Friday. They were beautiful services.