Sunday, August 03, 2008

Sunday Musings

Especially since I'm in the midst of beginning to plan for the upcoming school year (as well as attempting to catch up on lots of paperwork and such left over from our overly busy late spring and summer), I've realized that I've got to take my Sundays a little more "seriously". It's SO tempting to continue working on organization projects (especially since our Saturday was filled with helping out at my sister-in-law's clothing distribution center and the aforementioned baby shower). Today I was good. Instead of working on things, I finished reading a novel (Atticus by Ron Hansen - thanks for the recommendation Ana, I really liked it!), took a nap (while John took the kids fishing) and went to a movie with John.

I have to say that Mass at Holy Hill was particularly nice today with a new priest I was unfamiliar with. Though the music of the liturgy was particularly weak, the priest was particularly reverent, an engaging homilist and had a lovely singing voice that added a lot to those certain parts of the Mass.

Atticus is a gripping mystery that is beautifully written and filled with interesting, real and well-developed characters. It's definitely a mature novel (though not as coarse as, say, The Grapes of Wrath) and even had a certain morbidity to it, but the setting and the main character kept things from dragging down too low.

WALL-E was very entertaining, though it had me wondering for the first fifteen or twenty minutes if it was just going to be an over-the-top agenda-driven story. Not so. It's creative and well put-together and ends up being a little bit of G-rated Brave New World (at least as much as I remember Brave New World from reading it over 20 years ago) in a nicely uncynical and non-excessive way. One suggestion - don't leave the theater just because the closing credits start rolling. About half the people in the theater with us left too soon and really missed out on some enchanting and rather essential scenes.

I really do feel more ready for a busy week with a long to-do list after keeping my Sunday better.

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