Friday, March 21, 2008

Little Ideas and Questions on Good Friday

Terri, Bernie and Gus (with a little help from Daddy) made these lovely crosses as a surprise for everyone for Good Friday.

I found out about it in a funny way. I knew the kids were working on something because I was forbidden from entering certain rooms for a time while they were working. Silly me, I assumed that the surprise was for Easter.

And so, yesterday we were talking about the bleak prospects of getting to Holy Hill today to make our way through the beautiful outdoor stations of the cross. We were pretty sure the weather would prevent our going out, especially since we need new tires on the van and probably shouldn't drive in heavy snow at the moment. So the kids and I started brainstorming about what we could do to remember Good Friday in our own home. One of them immediately reassured me, oh, don't worry, we have a surprise. Sure enough, late last night, these three carefully set up their display and covered the doorway with a sheet so no one could peek in.

Well, I set about to tell some related Frank stories. So here they are...

Frank is filled with questions about Good Friday, the crucifix, the Trinity and many other related questions. In the midst of these questions, he looked at the three big crosses on the table and asked "Are those for the three Gods?"

Later, all of the kids had decided to make homemade bread. They love baking, though I don't really love the mess. Ria was making hers with whole wheat flour, but Frank misunderstood. He asked for some of the "holy flour" for his loaf.

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