Saturday, March 22, 2008

The 110 Year Winter

No, not a long winter, that's the snowfall record we broke with the Good Friday Snowfall. Milwaukee has had more than 95 inches of snow this winter, making it the second snowiest Milwaukee winter on record (breaking the record of 94.2 inches set in the winter of 1897-1898 - I couldn't find snowfall records more local than that, but close enough).

More locally, we were hit with about 15 inches of very heavy, very wet snow yesterday. The picture I posted yesterday was only the beginning of the snowfall. Here's what it looks like out there this morning (after quite a bit of shoveling John did just this morning).

I have to admit that I've never in my life dreamed of having a White Easter, but we're already doing some scheming to have a little fun with Eastery snow decorations. Stay tuned. :)


Margaret in Minnesota said...

I think our deck could rival yours! (And the snow's still falling!)

Merry Christmas, my friend! Er, I mean, a blessed Easter!!

nutmeg said...

Your optimism is to be commended! I'll be watching for your ideas, since we are (hopefully) headed up to the land of snow and rain this morning.

Happy Easter to the family!


clairity said...

That is so crazy.

I experienced a white Easter in Lourdes one year. It was particularly beautiful as our friend Audrey had passed away the day before.