Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Beating the Winter Blues

Now this is an idea I have to plan each year on the Monday after Daylight Savings Time begins. Probably another one in the coldest most-blah part of winter would be a good idea too.

Yesterday we took a break from school and had another family over. We had a picnicky potluck (somewhat limited by all of our Lenten observances, but VERY nice all the same), watched Ben Hur (the littles watched something else and played in the another room) and enjoyed lots of laughter and each other's company.

And if you happened to be in our area and saw two moms and a bunch of kids jumping up and down on the deck outside at one point (and laughing and high-fiving each other), there really is a very sensible and refined reason for it all. You see, we went outside to enjoy a little sun (the very, ahem, moderate temperature of 32 degrees, combined with sun and shelter on the south side of the house was awfully nice, even in stocking feet) and somehow discovered that when we stomped or jumped on the deck, the icicles under the deck broke off and crashed to the ground with a very satisfying glass-breaking sort of noise.

The silliest part, really, is that I didn't plan this in relation to Daylight Savings Time at all (Daylight Savings Time didn't enter my head at all until I saw Danielle Bean's reminder on Sunday Morning), but it was really a perfect day for such a get-together.


Anonymous said...

Normally I would not critique a trivial typo, but in this case, I have to call your attention to the delight I derived from the particular way your words were arranged:

"..they were playing in THE ANOTHER Room..."

Then again for all I know you have such a place in your house:

Ria: "Where's MapGuy? I need his atlas."
L2LMom: "I saw him playing with the littles in the Another Room."

it sounds very - uh - Neverending-Story-ish, or perhaps Tollboothian.

We have odd names in our own house, and at work, my office-mate calls our place the Room of Requirement - because our boss comes in and wishes for things to get done... hee hee.

--Dr. Thursday

Love2Learn Mom said...


That has to be one of my favorite comments ever. :)

Karen E. said...

I love it! Anything to keep me awake .... :-)