Saturday, February 02, 2008

Extremely Random Thoughts on Thinking and Communication

Some thoughts swirling around in my head - nothing resembling a "train of thought" here, I think! ;)

Just because someone makes a point about something we agree with doesn't mean it's a good point.

Just because "an argument can be made" doesn't mean the argument is true.

We lose an awful lot of important "battles" by losing sight of what really matters.

It's strange how discussions sometimes unravel because two people who aren't really very far off from being "on the same page" go on rants about things that drive them crazy (not aimed at each other at all) and they each think the other person is mad at them.

It's amazing how often we will fully accept, without question, a rumor as truth simply because it's something negative about someone/something we don't like or we don't approve of. When we do this, not only have we brushed aside charity and lost credibility, but we have become hypocrites.

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Mrs. Bear said...

Very good insights, and important things to remember as we strive to love God and our neighbor!