Saturday, January 26, 2008

We're the proud owners of...

a new couch! It's actually a couch (sectional) that was in my brother-in-law's basement for years, but it's quite a bit nicer (and seats a lot more) than our old couch. (He's got a really nice basement!)

Frank had this to say: "Everybody that God made can maybe fit on this couch!"

Mommy says (chuckling): "We seem to be the last owners of a lot of couches!"

The best thing was, after emptying out all the seats in our big van and driving over to pick it up and load it, I was really not looking forward to helping take it out of the car. Well, voila, suddenly I realized that, being the Grand Central Station that we are, a mini-convergence of homeschool car-poolers to a youth group would be converging at our house for a small time period. An extra dad and two strong teenage boys were soon rounded up and those pieces were inside in no time, despite that fact that they didn't fit through the garage door and had to be carried all the way around (through the not-quite-shoveled snow) to the back.

Thanks - I needed that! :)


Karen E. said...

Fun! We have a hand-me-down sectional from my sister, and we've loved it these past 11 years. It's white, and was nine years old and PRISTINE when we got it. Needless to say, it's no longer pristine and no longer white.

Love2Learn Mom said...

LOL. That sounds like the direction ours is headed in. It's definitely the nicest free used couch we've ever been given. :)