Monday, December 10, 2007


I got six Love2learn Moments done today and put a new photo up to more accurately express the weather we're in the midst of here (major ice storm expected tonight).

I'm so delighted to get SIX of them done - I usually only manage 2 or 3 at a sitting. They're quite tricky to do as they need to be of just a certain length (48.5-50 seconds seems to be the acceptable range) and of course I'm trying for some solid and encouraging content. (The latest six can be seen at the link above). Getting an appropriate amount of oomph in the reading usually takes a couple of tries too.

No energy left to blog about the fun and crazy things that happened over the weekend. For now I'll just say that they involved a six foot obelisk, a Roman feast and a broken water pipe.

Oops - I take that back - it was more like a five foot obelisk. :)

1 comment:

Margaret in Minnesota said...

The Love2learn Moments are perfect, as is the header. Do not worry--there is no lack of oomph in anything you do.

PS. I'd love to hear about your weekend when you have a chance!