Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Magnificat Advent Companion

My sister wrote today's meditation in Magnificat's Advent Companion. I don't have a copy myself (I started looking for it a little too late), but I got to read it in my mother-in-law's book yesterday. It's lovely.

Guess I'll be more prepared next year. :)


Margaret in Minnesota said...

That is so cool! Go, Clarity!

And I don't know how one goes about being prepared. I subscribe to Magnificat but (to my knowledge) did not receive the Advent companion. I think they just hand them out at church.

In general, however, ALL their meditations are wonderful. What a blessing to be included in this publication.

Love2Learn Mom said...

I've heard that you can purchase them in Catholic bookstores before they run out.

Esther said...

Our parish provides the Advent companion and the Lenten companion. They are wonderful and we've been using them for our nightly Advent family prayer services. BTW, if you are up to it, I tagged you for a book meme.