Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Roman Holiday Party

The Roman Holiday Party was a lot of fun. We sang Marian hymns for the feast day, ate all kinds of Roman food (ham with plum sauce, foccacia, libum, chickpeas, olives, dates, custard pie, pomegranates and much more), played Latin bingo (and old game we inherited from a Latin tutor who died of cancer earlier this year - we think of her often!), had a team treasure hunt, a costume contest and, of course, impromptu skits. Fabiola, Poseidon, Corvinus, Persephone, Philomena, Daria, Aeolus, Sebastian, Agnes, Lucy (complete with a pair of eyeballs to carry around), Julius Caesar, Romulus, Lawrence and many more were present.
Two teams performed the story of Perseus bringing back the head of Medusa. The cleverness and creativity with which the story was reenacted was extremely entertaining! (So glad I didn't have to judge).

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