Thursday, October 18, 2007

You Call That a Messy Desk?

As much as I love Danielle Bean, I have to disagree with her on a rather significant point.

She calls this (scroll down to see the picture) a messy desk. Ahem.

I'm sorry, but that is not a messy desk.


is a messy desk. :)

Ah, and here's another wonderful example. And this family is always making amazing, creative things - my kids absolutely love their blog.


Matilda said...

You win! Actually, I have that desk only darker. I mean the actual desk. The messy part is not confined to just one surface right now!

Love2Learn Mom said...

I love the desk! Especially since it was $20 at a rummage sale.

Seriously we've got multi-surface clutter too (for some reason the books on the floor under the desk didn't show up!), though I do have the excuse that I've been sorting through clothes in the basement like crazy. Got rid of many multiple big black garbage bags of stuff for my sister-in-law's "Kids' Closet" (clothing "pantry").

Maryan said...

I love it! I thought the same thing when I read Danielle's interview! Mine looks like yours. ;)

helene said...

You're right! Danielle's desk is not least not in THAT picture. But as a sister who shared a bedroom with her for 18+ years I must attest she can be as messy as the best of us.

Margaret in Minnesota said...

My desk is also a kitchen counter and currently has two dirty coffee cups, a water glass and a cookie sheet scattered upon it. I also smell a dirty dishrag somewhere.

How's that for honest blogging?

I'm loving all the photos, by the way. It's always great to get a sense of place for our friends "out there".

PS. Helene, I appreciated your remarks about our dear Danielle. You are welcome to share more of them any time. ;)

Kimberlee said...

Hi and thanks for the link. Notice I did not post a picture of my desk. Ah, but my poor dh. When I was writing that post at midnight I took my socks off and accidentally left them on his desk.(how embarrassing)