Monday, October 08, 2007

Some Funnies from the Day...

At the enormous annual Rummage Sale where I spent most of last weekend (and quite a lot of money) I bought a cloth alphabet chart with a little pocket for each letter. Most of the pockets contained a little stuffed object to represent that letter - such as an umbrella for the letter U.

This morning we pulled out all the objects and Terri and some of the littles started to try to sort them out into the right places. Admittedly the seamstress who made the objects (I think this was a kit sold many years ago - I had one when I was a child, but my mom was pretty good at that sort of thing and the figures were MUCH better) wasn't terribly skilled and some were hard to figure out - or perhaps a child made them.

I'd have to attribute it to our homeschool atmosphere, however, that when Terri pulled out a head wearing (what was clear to me at least) a crown (with three big points on it), she decided to put it into the "H" pocket for Hermes (Mercury).


This afternoon, while Terri, Gus and Ria were at drama club, I brought Bernie to see our family practice doctor to see if she might be dealing with allergies (lots of coughing at night, but okay during the day). While she, Kate, Frank and I were waiting for the doctor, Frank sat on my lap and we were chit-chatting. We talked about a friend of ours whose coloring book picture was hanging on the wall and was labeled with her age - 2 - at the time she colored the picture.

Frank carefully held up three fingers and told me that he was three. I started playing around with holding up different numbers of fingers. He handled four, five, one and two just perfectly. Bernie held up ten fingers and asked him how many - he said "Ten" and we all cheered (though I should note that later on he guessed 11 once and 8 once for the same number of fingers!). So Bernie showed him ten fingers and then ten fingers again and asked him how many those were. He answered, "Googol!"

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