Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Fall is Finally Arriving

And I'm really ready for it. Here are some of our recent and upcoming highs and lows:

Saturday: 87 68

Sunday: 85 64

Yesterday: 85 58

I woke up this morning and discovered that it's 50 outside. Hoooo-ray! Most of the weekend I was at this massive rummage sale I go to every year. Most years I have to layer sweatshirts and coats and not forget the gloves as everything is set up in tents and barn-like buildings and it's cold and/or rainy. This year the rooms were like ovens! On Sunday at Mass, Gus blacked-out for a few moments (Holy Hill is tricky that way - Mass is on the third floor, no a/c and a long walk back downstairs to the drinking fountain - fortunately he started feeling better when we got outside to a little breeze).

Here's what the projections look like for the next few days:

Today: 66 40

Tomorrow: 50 42

Thursday: 54 40

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