Saturday, October 27, 2007

San Diego Fires - One Family Affected

I heard about this family through my brother, who works with Christie's husband. They live in Ramona, a mountain town hit hard by the fire, once home to my parents and two of my brothers (plus families) who moved to Oklahoma since the 2003 fires.

I only visited them (my family) in Ramona once, but it was a very striking place to visit. It's nestled in a little valley up in the mountains (elevation 1391 according to a website I just found) and is quite beautiful in the way deserts can be, but not a place I saw myself wanting to live in. It's not at all a wealthy area (though there are some expensive subdivisions on the outskirts) and many of the houses we drove past had dirt yards - it's expensive and difficult to grow grass! It was an incredible place for star-gazing at night! When we lived (in apartments) in the Poway area, we knew a lot of people who bought houses in Ramona because, despite (or perhaps because of!) the nasty mountain-road commute, the housing was a lot more reasonably priced.

Anyway, the Williams' have three small children and lost their home to the Witch Creek Fire last Sunday.

Christie was interviewed by Al Roker on the Today Show

Christie's Blog: Punky Chicken

Their website sharing their story of loss and need.

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