Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Art Institute of Chicago

Yesterday Ria and I took a bus trip to the Art Institute of Chicago with some other teens and parents from our homeschool group. Though a number of exhibits were closed because of construction, we saw many amazing paintings and historical artifacts, including this lovely Renoir which I was not previously familiar with.

Other highlights included El Greco's "Assumption", "the Crucifixion" by Zurbaran, the incredibly beautiful Ayala Altarpiece (I couldn't find a picture of this one online) and Paris Street: Rainy Day.

The Greek and Roman sections were amazing - particularly after watching the Teaching Company's Archaeology series. There were numerous Greek vases and a category of Roman art I was unfamiliar with - glasswork. Interesting!

Oops - I almost forgot to mention the incredible miniatures, which I posted about here.

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