Thursday, September 13, 2007

Back to Teen Catechism

We had our first discussion tonight and it's nice to be getting back into the swing of things. Everyone did pretty well even though I had all the kids in tow (since John is out of town). We started with our once-a-month movie night (I was planning on showing some DVDs on occasion - but the idea became more of a necessity as two families can't make it once a month - so we'll let them catch up later.

We watched Steve Ray's Footprints of God on Mary. Also instituted a timeline/glossary notebook that will also be used for our co-op Roman culture class. Should be interesting.

Everyone really enjoyed the DVD and I think it was the first time I got to see it all the way through. It's so interesting to see all these wonderful sites on location and I have to admit that Steve does have a way of making many of his points memorable (perhaps to a fault at times - LOL).

One thing that struck me while watching (and stopping for some occasional, very short discussions) was how these locations, these old churches commemorating events in the life of Christ and His Blessed Mother are part of that beautiful, but too-often-shunned-and-misunderstood tradition that has been passed down to us through the millennia. So we have written tradition, oral tradition and tradition-in-stone? :)

Oh yes, and we also celebrated our first discussion of the year and the 90th anniversary of one of the apparitions of Fatima (part of the reason why we chose the Mary DVD to start with) with some delicious lemon bars and cookie bars made by Ria.

I'm really looking forward to finally getting back to Jesus of Nazareth next week.

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