Thursday, August 30, 2007

San Francisco

Cable Car
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So, I just returned home from San Francisco on Monday night to some friendly visitors in town (not to mention gardens and school plans that are in not-the-best-of-shape).

Because I was taking a solo trip (my first since I've been married as I've always had at least a little one along on previous trips) I packed light and didn't have a car. When I flew into SF last week, I took the BART up to Market Street and had a Panini at a sidewalk cafe in the beautiful sunny weather. Delightful! I hopped this cable car (haven't been on one in twenty years) out to visit Alice and it was a lovely ride. I took lots of pictures (though our camera does leave something to be desired).

Alice is every bit as lovely as you'd imagine, even on what she'd call a "bad" day. :) It wasn't long before I felt like I'd known her and her children forever and I can't wait for our two families to meet some day.

We visited Golden Gate Park and had Oolong tea and other goodies at the Japanese Tea Garden. Alice's older girls and I also visited St. Ignatius Church while the little ones took a rest in the car with mom. It was fun to meet with other children who were so interested and enthusiastic about beautiful art and architecture.


Margaret in Minnesota said...

Welcome home!!

You lucky ducks.

Martha Long said...

Alicia: I have read your blog for awhile and enjoy it very much. I am a graduate of TAC, too -- class of '76. I love your photograph of the Carmelite chapel! I grew up in the City and our family (Schaeffer) has always been close to the sisters!

Love2Learn Mom said...

Thanks Margaret. :)

Hi Martha! I didn't know you read my blog and I'm glad you like it! I know your name via some of my SF relatives and I knew you sister Laura at TAC.

I was sad that the chapel was closed when we stopped for a visit. When I was in high school I spent a lot of time in that area and I particularly remember Christmas caroling with some of the I.P. crowd and singing back and forth with the sisters through the grille.

Alice Gunther said...

We had so much fun--the children are still talking about!

We need to have the same adventure in NYC sometime!

Love2Learn Mom said...

Yes! With all MY kids in tow! :)