Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Learning to Let Go - Just a Little

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Those high school years are really upon us and our "little" Ria has been off giving recitations, winning awards and spending a bit of time away from the family on occasion. Just a few weeks ago she was at a Schoenstatt girls camp (which she's already outgrowing - she'll probably go back next year as a counselor) and this week she's visiting with... quite literally... a truckful of cousins in Oklahoma.

We miss her of course and it's challenging to get by for a time without such an essential part of my regular help around the house. It's really good though, to see how the younger ones do when they get a chance to step up to the plate for a time.

A significant part of our job as parents is to gradually prepare our children for independence. I think this kind of thing can be a very good part of the process. I'm pleased that she takes to such adventures with much enthusiasm.

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Alice Gunther said...

Beautiful, true, and sometimes difficult!

Thank you for sharing these thoughts.